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LinkedIn on Steroids: A masterclass on searching, engaging, and overcoming limitations

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Josef Kadlec

Recruitment Entrepreneur | GoodCall

Josef Kadlec is a former ethical hacker and software engineer who went head over heels into the talent sourcing and recruitment industry utilizing his cross-field experience. An author of the controversial book People as Merchandise, he's also the very first LinkedIn certified recruiter in CEE region. He co-founded the international app-only recruitment agency, GoodCall, with more than 130 employees, specializing in social recruitment for both tiny start-ups as well as 10,000 person Fortune 500s.

Proč jít na školení?

How to squeeze the maximum out of LinkedIn people search

Learn the technical possibilities of how to reach LinkedIn users for profit

Learn how to overcome LinkedIn limitations

Learn about the branding aspect of both personal and company LinkedIn profiles

Get an overview of the alternatives to LinkedIn

Get to know all the third party tools which help you to be more effective with LinkedIn

Co se naučíte?

LinkedIn has over 500 million members and just added 2 more registered users while you were reading this sentence! Thus it is the largest professional network on earth with tremendous potential for all sorts of business activities including finding employees, searching for a job, looking for leads or collecting testimonials for your product or service. This workshop is designed to uncover techniques for searching for targeted groups of people, then reaching and engaging them. Some secret shortcuts which can help you save money on premium services will be revealed as well.

Potřebné znalosti

A LinkedIn account is a must. You don't need to have a fully filled-out profile, though.

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