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Online Marketing for Software, MarTech & AdTech companies

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Lukas Mehnert

CMO | Smartlook

Lukas used to be a network administrator in Berlin, now he lives in and loves Brno. A self-described 'wannabe hacker' in his youth, he had a great passion for new tools, which eventually led him to the world of online marketing. He started with online marketing back in the year 2006 and went through several positions, for example as an online campaign manager for Kentico. Today, he works as Chief Marketing Officer for Smartlook which gained more than 170 000 registrations from more than 90 countries. He loves PPC campaigns, SEO, obtaining online reviews and Online campaigns in general. At the end of this year he will celebrate his $4 million in ad spends as an inhouse guy. If you want to know how YOU can maximize your online marketing opportunities take a seat at Lukas’s workshop!

Why attend?

If You are in B2B online marketing you will get a lot of tips how to be in front of your potential customers

Ideal for advanced international B2B online marketers who are managing online marketing campaigns

Get precious know-how about Martech and AdTech

You will have the possibility to ask me anything!

What will you learn?

You will learn how to analyze the journey of your potential customers, optimize strategy of your PPC channels, build your online brand awareness and I'll throw in a few quick traffic hacks. Let's find the right channels for you: Is it Quora ads, Reddit, Capterra, Adwords or something else?

Necessary skills & knowledge

Please make sure that you understand this terms before you come to this training: Lead Scoring Marketing Qualified Lead / Sales Qualified Lead Marketing Automation Customer Relationship System

Other information

This training is for: Software companies, Martech companies, AdTech companies. Basically, companies with longer sales cycles.

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